Expert tips: 5 steps to maximize business gains at UBM India’s shows

  1. The early bird gets the worm (and great stall preference!)
    Exhibitors tend to book stall space at a show and forget about it; or book late. They then have to rush at the eleventh hour trying to get things organized. Book early so that you can plan ahead! Set up a framework and discuss realistic sales objectives with your team, such as – generating a specific number of leads, meetings, sales or samples.

  2. Pre-show promotion: An exhibitor’s ticket to the winning numbers
    UBM India offers 360° advertising and marketing campaigns for each of our shows. Give your brand an edge in the market by partnering with us. This helps in generating good recall for your brand and better quality buyers at your stall. Promote your participation in the event by spreading the word among your existing clients and in the market.

  3. An army is only as good as its soldiers: Train your team
    Bring your team together before the show and talk about your objectives. Brief them about the products that will be exhibited and suggest pointers to start and end conversations with buyers. A little bit of training can make a big difference. Reinforce your main objectives every morning before the show. Most important of all, keep your team pepped up and motivated!

  4. An exhibition stall is as good as an international showroom
    Visitors in an exhibition glance at a stall for about five seconds before deciding whether they should come in right away, during a second round or not at all. Make sure your display is neat and your staff is well dressed and attentive. An actual product shelf is much more effective than meeting furniture. If you have posters then frame or mount them. Go into the show with a positive attitude and you will get a much better result. Smile at every visitor and get them excited about your products. Have some fun with your team but try not to eat or socialize on the stand.

  5. A UBM show: Forging alliances for a lifetime
    One of the biggest complaints from visitors is that exhibitors do not show interest in a prompt follow up once a show is done. Ensure that you get proper contact details from your visitors. Getting in touch with a potential buyer within a week of the show gives them the confidence that you mean business. Remember, every client is potentially a customer for life.


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