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Renewable Energy India Expo-18 to 20 September 2018
Tuesday 18 September 2018
Banquet Hall Sage Shamrock Seafoam  Board Room Olive Mint
10:30 - 12:00 Opening Ceremony
12:30-14:00 pm 11:00-13:00 hrs 12:30-13:30 hrs 12:20-14:00 hrs 12:30-14:30 hrs 12:00-14:0 hrs    

Advantage Telangana:
State’s Policy & Regulatory Landscape, Single Clearance Window mechanism and forward-looking, investor-friendly Investment Climate of the State in the domain of Renewable Energy making it India’s # 1 state in ease of doing business as reported by World Bank recently. 

 Quality Roundtable
    by pv magazine

Quality in focus: boundaries conditions to ensure investor security in next-generation Indian PV projects
Focus themes at the 2018 Quality Roundtable India will include. 
The role of localized standards in ensuring quality both from domestic producers and importers of solar cells and modules
GW-scale tenders and joint venture collaborations 

Make in India Session by Bridge to India on:
-Manufacturing in India 
 What is the government’s MAKE IN INDIA policy? What impact has it had on the RE sector so far and what is the future outlook?
 Challenges faced by domestic manufacturers and how they can be addressed 
 Where does India’s true competitive advantage in manufacturing lie?



Master class: Corporate renewable PPAs in India

Companies operating in India are increasingly looking to reduce their
energy costs and environmental footprint by signing renewable PPAs.
In this master class, relevant experts will cover different aspects of
corporate renewable PPAs. 

 1st Meeting of the German Local Business Advisory Council of the Indo-German Energy Forum 
(Closed Door)

Lunch Break


14:00-16:00 hrs
Modern Technologies :  Reshaping Tomorrows  

-The smart building concept - Maximizing the Accuracy and Efficiency 
-The Roadmap to Better Financing – Prerequisites
Mr. Mark Wu, Founder & President of Cybrid Technologies


14:30-16:00 hrs
5th Indo-German Energy Symposium on:

-Upcoming Opportunities and Niche Markets for Solar PV in India Session 1: Upcoming Opportunities and Niche Markets for Solar PV in India  Chair: Thorsten Herdan, Director General, 

14.30 - 15.30 hrs

Electric vehicles: transformation of the Indian mobility market
Electric vehicles (EVs) are more expensive to buy today but their cost of running is significantly lower than a standard petrol or diesel vehicle. For fleet vehicles running more than 150 kms a day, it is already economically
viable to switch to electric. 
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High tea 15 minute

Networking Reception 18:15 hrs onwards

16:15-17:30 hrs
Shaping the Future of Indian solar 

Session Chair-Shri. Ashvini Kumar, Senior Director, Renewable Energy Technologies Division, former Managing Director, SECI
Mr. Anshul Khandelwal, Head-Marketing, Adani Solar
Mr. Rohit Dhar, Director Sales, EPC,Vikram Solar Limited
Mr.Sashank Sharma, CEO, Sunsure Energy
Mr. Naledath Palat Ramesh, COO, ORB Energy Pvt.
Mr. Ramkrishna. S, Chief- BD(Products) & Corp. Comm., Business Development - Products, TATA POWER SOLAR
Mr. Dinesh Babu  is working with Ernst&Young (EY)
Mr. Sashi Dhara, Head Solar Edge-India

16:15-18:00 hrs
Indo-German Energy Symposium 

New Markets and Upcoming Business Opportunities in the Onshore Wind Sector in India  
Chair: Dr. Martin Schöpe, Head of Division International Energy Cooperation, German Federal, Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) 
 Panel: • Shri BP Yadav, JS MNRE - Market Developments in Onshore Wind in India*
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16.30 - 17.30 hrs

Battery energy storage: backbone for future growth of renewable energy and electric vehicles.
Storage prices are dropping much faster than anyone expected. Low-cost
storage could transform the power and mobility landscape.
Topics for discussion (60 mins):
1. Energy storage value chain in India – role of local manufacturing
and government policy
2. Parallels between solar market and storage market development

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15:00-17:00 hrs
CEO Conclave

(Strictly by invitation)

Wednesday 19 September 2018

Banquet Hall




Board Room



Launch event of Advanced Module Technology Report 2018, by TaiyangNews from 16:30 - 18:15 in fine dining area.
(by invitation)

10:30-13:30 hrs
Session by

(Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association)
Solar, Storage & Electrical Vehicle 
Production & Markets in Asia: 
Supporting the Global Response to Climate Change 
Co-Organised by GCL
Renewable Energy India, New Delhi 
Draft Agenda - APVIA 

11:00 - 12:30 hrs
CTO Forum : Trends and Technologies  in Renewable Energy  
Dr. Wang Yan ,Director of PV Module Cluster
Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)
 Mr. Ivan Saha, BU Head, Solar Manufacturing and CTO , Vikram Solar
 Dr.Arul Shanmugasundram, Chief- Business Development (Large Projects) & CTO , Tata Power Solar Systems Limited
Mr. Alan Khor (Head of EPC),Cleantechsolar
Mr. Mark Wu, Founder & President of Cybrid Technologies 
Mr. Gautam Samantha
Head- PV Technology ,Orange Renewable Power Pvt. Ltd 
Mr.Lokendra Singh,Head – Business Development (South) Oriano Solar
Mr. Kartikeya Sharma , Head Growth & Strategy,SUNSURE Energy

Welcome Address and Opening Remarks
- Welcome by H. E. Kozlowski, Ambassador, Delegation of the European Union to India and Bhutan(tbc)
- Welcome by Secretary Kumar (tbc), Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
- Opening speech by A C Bournoville or H van Steen (tbc), Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Energy
EU India clean energy cooperation in the frame of the EU – India Clean Energy and Climate Partnership (including next steps)
- A vision on priorities for EU – India clean energy cooperation by Arunabha Ghosh (tbc), CEO, Council on Energy, Environment and Water  


11:00 - 13:00 hrs
pv magazine Future PV Roundtable India 2018
Enablers and drivers of innovation 
Focus themes will include: 

 An ‘innovation case study discussion’ of bifacial solar technology, the challenges to widespread adoption from testing equipment, to cell and module technologies and materials, power electronics and BoS components.

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11:00 -13:00 hrs
Finance Leadership Forum
1. Financing experience till date – operational track record of projects, refinancing, DISCOM payment track record, lessons learned
2. Revised MNRE plan of 227 GW – funding availability for 40 GW of RE capacity every year, new financing models and role of capital markets
3. Rooftop solar financing – risk mitigation, needs of RESCO developers and residential customers
(Strictly by invitation)

Lunch Break


14:00-15:40 hrs

on “Solar Cell and Module Research 
-Solar Cell and Module Technology”
Welcome and Introduction 
 Dr. Wang Yan,Director, PV Module Cluster, SERIS
23%-efficient monoPoly™ technology: the next upgrade after PERC/T- Dr. Shubham Duttagupta,Group Head, SiMC, SERIS
Next generation high power solar cell and high energy yield module technology achieving lowest manufacturing cost and LCOE levels- Hemal Ghelani
Vice President & General Manager at Meyer Burger Technology AG
Title: Application and location specific reliable modules for India- Dr. Mohan Narayanan
Technical Advisor, Adani Solar
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13:30 17:00 hrs 
SOLAR POWER IN INDIA The session will focus on solar power development in India both utility scale and rooftops under the 100 GW target by 2022. Special emphasis will be given to solar parks by providing direct feedback on its implementation as well as the grid integration across India of solar power, digitalisation of solar power plants and O & M activities. 


14:30-16:00 hrs
Session 1:
"Embracing digitalization of energy through data and technology"
Session by
TFE Consulting GmbH    
Mr.Rainer Malmber, International Key Account and Business Development Manager, IABG
Ms.Sukanya Randhawa, Research Scientist, IBM Research
Mr.Shiv Kaushik, Director of Sales, Climate-Connect            

2:30 - 5:30 pm
DNV-GL Launch Programme*


The Session will focus on Offshore Wind in India, including plans to fulfil 5 GW by 2022 and 30 GW by 2020. The latest developments in the tendering of the first 1 GW, governmental initiatives, regulatory framework, challenges and opportunities will be discussed among sector experts and relevant government bodies. 


The session will focus on Energy Efficiency in Buildings and green cooling.

High tea 15 minute

18:30 hrs onwards European Networking Dinner 

(By invitation only)



16:00-17:30 hrs

Economic competitiveness of high-efficiency mono-Si silicon solar cells: $/Wp manufacturing cost & end-user LCOE -Dr. Abhishek Kumar ,Team Leader, Front-end Team, SiMC, SERIS
Mass production solution of high efficiency mono wafer at low cost - Ms. YC Wang,LONGI-silicon
Long-time reliability of Crystalline Si PV modules- Mr. Ivan Saha CTO, Vikram Solar, Kolkata, 
PV Module Degradation and Failures Observed in All India Surveys of PV Module Reliability by NCPRE, IIT Bombay - Prof. Narendra Shiradkar,Professor, Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay/NCPRE

New trends in solar power asset operation, such as digitalisation, power storage and performance of rooftop PV

- Digitalisation in solar parks operation: new technological trends/applications, Kelly Mermuys, Head of Office in India, 3E

- Challenges for O&M of rooftop solar, Birjendra Sangwaiya, Sr VP - International Business Development, Amplus Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd


16:15-17:45 hrs
 "Embracing digitalization of energy through data and technology"
Session by
TFE Consulting GmbH

"data and digital solutions” can
- Reduce investment risk
- Improve operations
- Help scale (aggregate)


14:30 - 17:30 hrs
DNV-GL Launch Programme

(By invitation only)



 Title: tbc

- Turbine technology adaptation to emerging markets: experiences and trends, (OEM; through WindEurope)

- Offhore turbine testing and certification for the Indian market, Indian speaker; through COWI)

- Financiers views on turbine choice and its impact on overall project risk, (D. Cannon or A. Heinz, European Investment Bank) 

- A perspective on India as future manufacturing hub for offshore wind energy turbines, (Indian industry; turbine manufacturers)

Suzlon, Siemens Gamesa

 15:30-17:00 hrs
Financing/investment challenges for smart buildings and NZEBs

- ECBC implementation: investment/ financing challenges and role of business, tbc, EESL 

- EU case: Amsterdam Microsoft building, focus on sustainability aspects of smart buildings, tbc, Deerns NL 

- EU case: Artificial Intelligence at the service of heating/cooling of buildings, tbc, Leanheat Finland 

- India case: Smart buildings/NZEB:  implementation of 'third generation technologies', tbc

- India case: financing NZEB, from a bank's perspective (KFW, EIB, …)

Thrusday 20 September 2018

Banquet Hall




Board Room

Olive Mint


11:00 - 13:00 hrs
Technical Presentations and Case Studies 

Mr. Jaideep Malaviya
Secretary General , Solar Thermal Federation of India India
Ms. Anna Fang , Product Manager,Crown Advanced material Co., Ltd
Dr. Jack Li – Head R&D at Cybrid Technologies
Mr.Kartikeya Sharma, Head –Growth & Strategy, Sunsure Energy
Mr. Stephane Prouvost, CEO Ciel Terre India 
Mr. Ravinder Singh, Chief – Rooftop, Tata Power Solar

11:00-13:00 hrs
Women in the Renewable Sector and their perspective with technology and innovation.
Session Moderator:
Ms.Rashmi Nargundkar, Journalist, Energetica
Dr. Rashi Gupta, Director-Vision Mechatronics
Ms. Kelly Mermuys,Country Manager 3E
Ms.Josefin Berg,Research & Analysis Manager, Solar & Storage, IHS MarkitNidhi Gupta, Co-Founder and Director, 
Rays Power Experts Pvt. Ltd. 
Ms.Swaralipi Maity - DGM - Solar Division 
Sukhbir Agro Energy Ltd  
Ms.Priyanka Mohan  - Director 
Kor Energy India Pvt ltd 
Mrs. Shubhra Mohanka, Director, Gautam Solar

    11:00-11:20      Welcome Address  
• GBA • IBA • UBM 
1120-1130  Keynote Address 
Chief Guest – Dr. Jitendra Singh MoS (Independent Charge) (To be confirmed) 
11:30 -12:30 
Panel Discussion - Capitalizing Biogas Opportunity in India keeping waste to energy in centre (Supply chain, storage, generation, utilization, infrastructure and market place) 
• Dr. G. Prasad, Director, MNRE • Mr. Deepak Gadhiya (Social Scientist, MSA) • Mr. P. S. Ojha, State Coordinator/ Member Convener, U.P. State BioEnergy 


Lunch Break




Presentations- Evolution of Biogas Ecosystem
- Convergence of Technology, Incentives, & Policies Proposed Sub topics: • Feasible Business models for biogas plants  • Bio-CNG – Challenges, experiences and opportunities • Digestate-its potential to supplement chemical fertilizer and beyond






High tea 15 minute


16:30 -18:00  General Assembly of IBA for 2018 IBA team and members



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