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Quality Roundtable by pv magazine

Quality in focus: boundaries conditions to ensure investor security in next-generation Indian PV projects
Focus themes at the 2018 Quality Roundtable India will include.

The role of localized standards in ensuring quality both from domestic producers and importers of solar cells and modules
GW-scale tenders and joint venture collaborations – what is the potential, challenges and potential pitfalls of linking large project development to manufacturing?

Floating PV and ensuring quality on water
Hybrid PV applications and which electrical storage approaches are the best fit for India over the medium to long term
Panel includes speakers from India & Overseas highlighting the importance of Quality


Mr.Subrahmanyam Pulipaka, Founder and CEO of Soreva Energy Group

Mr. Jitendra Morankar, VP of Global Design Applications, NEXTracker

Mr.Asier Ukar, Senior Technical Manager in PV Systems at PI Berlin

Ms. Vibhuti Garg, IEEFA Energy Economist