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Evolution of Biogas Ecosystem- Convergence of Technology, Incentives, & Policies Proposed Sub topics:
• Feasible Business models for biogas plants
• Bio-CNG – Challenges, experiences and opportunities
• Digestate-its potential to supplement chemical fertilizer and beyond
• Integrating biogas into biorefineries
• Mr. Srinivas Kasulla, Energy Consultant
• S. R. Kumar, MD, Aruna Green Ventures Pvt. Ltd.
• Dr. Ramesh Kumar, MC, NDMC/ Mr. Kumar Gauda, PC, KREDA
• Dr. S. Kamaraj, Director, International Institute of Renewable Energy
• Prof. P. K. Mishra, HOD-Dept. of Chem. Engg., IIT-BHU
• Mr. Matthias Kellerer, Agraferm
• Mr. Subodh Kumar, GM, IOCL
• Dr. Parvin Dhamija, SCGJ

14:45- 15:00 Q&A

Panel discussion-

Integrated Solid Waste Management – a paradigm shift towards sustainability

• Mr. S. B. Mane, Director, KVIC
• Mr. Kalyan Paul, Executive Director at Pan Himalayan Grassroots Development Foundation
• Dr. Atmaram Shukla, Ex-Advisor, MNRE and President, IBA
• Mr. Shamsundar Subbarao, Head & Chief-coordinator, NIE-CREST
• Dr. Dirk Walter, GIZ
• Mr. Avanish Verma, Norway Embassy
• Dr. Klunker, Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation

1600-1615 Q&A

Concluding Remarks IBA, UBM