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New trends in solar power asset operation, such as digitalisation, power storage and performance of rooftop PV

- Digitalisation in solar parks operation: new technological trends/applications, Kelly Mermuys, Head of Office in India, 3E

- Challenges for O&M of rooftop solar, Birjendra Sangwaiya, Sr VP - International Business Development, Amplus Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd

- Business models for O&M services to distributed and rooftop solar in India, Jens Martin, CEO Vidja powered by E. ON

- Optimising performance and profitability of solar assets: how battery storage can contribute, Eric Daniel, QOS Energy

Discussion of the panel members and Q&A

EU-India Partnerships for Clean Energy and Climate

Strategic Partnerships to Implement the Paris Agreement (SPIPA) The EU project “Strategic Partnerships to Implement the Paris Agreement” translates the political commitment for advancing bilateral dialogues and cooperation in the field of climate action into concrete interventions to align them with the global ambition level set by the Paris Agreement. Indian activities under the SPIPA project will address

(1) networking, capacity building and knowledge management

(2) low carbon development modelling

(3) sector activities: adaptation,

(4) MRV and

(5) sector activities: mitigation. This session will provide information about the key activities proposed as part of the project and seek ideas for additional activities.

17:00-18:00 hrs


With the signing of the Paris Agreement and Kigali amendment to the Montreal Protocol, there is a need for reducing hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) emissions. While HFCs are not Ozone depleting, they have significant global warming potential. Through energy efficiency, there is potential for reducing GHG emissions due to cooling requirements. India’s residential and commercial cooling sectors, mobile air-conditioning in vehicles and commercial refrigeration sector needs support on the transition to alternate refrigerants with low global warming potential or introduction of innovative green cooling technologies. The EU project titled Strategic Partnership for Implementation of the Paris Agreement (SPIPA) is planning to support activities promoting green cooling in India and this session will elaborate on the planned activities and seek ideas for additional activities.

Venue: Renewable Energy Expo, India Expo Centre, Room: SHAMROCK (2nd Floor)