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Electric vehicles: transformation of the Indian mobility market

Electric vehicles (EVs) are more expensive to buy today but their cost of running is significantly lower than a standard petrol or diesel vehicle. For fleet vehicles running more than 150 kms a day, it is already economically

viable to switch to electric. By 2024, electric vehicles are expected to reach upfront price parity with most petrol / diesel vehicles while still being much cheaper to run. This is expected to bring to a transformation in Indian mobility market. Indian policies and its vehicle manufacturing ecosystem need to adapt quickly for this transformation.

This transformation will also present significant opportunities.

Topics for discussion (60 mins):

a) Economics of electric vehicles
b) Indian policies and incentives to support EVs (FAME 2, national electric vehicle policy, state policies to support EV manufacturing and adoption)
c) Updates from the MOVE summit 2018
d) Impact of global market developments on Indian auto sector
e) Corporate adoption of electric vehicles

Moderated by: Manuj Khurana, Founder and CEO, Newmo


1. Pankaj Verma, National Sales Head, NN4 Energy
2. Dhivik Ashok, CEO, GOGreenBOV
3. Neeraj Kumar Singhal, CEO, SEMCO Group
4. Shalini Baveja, Head - Marketing & Corporate Strategy, Leaseplan
5. Nishant Saini, Managing Director, EEE-Taxi

EV charging: a mega opportunity for country-wide infrastructure creation EV charging infrastructure creation is a pre-requisite for mass EV adoption. India is expected to sell millions of EVs and every five electric vehicles sold will require one charger— there is a mega opportunity for the creation of this infrastructure.

Topics for discussion (60 mins):

a) Policy support for private sector investments in creation of EV charging infrastructure in India
b) Role of renewable power companies in India’s EV charging infrastructure
c) Types of charging – role of fast charging
d) Global charging standards and implications for India
e) Market potential for EV charging infrastructure

Moderated by: Joy Nandi, Board Member, WeCharge India


1. Awadhesh Kumar Jha, Lead - EV charge and drive business, Fortum
2. Kartikey Hariyani, Founder, TecSo Charge+Zone
3. Akash Kansal, Business Development Manager, Exicom
4. Manoj Gupta, Business Head – EV Charging, JBM Group