Key takeaways

  • Duncan Macgregor will explain the benefits of micro-inverter systems, why micro-inverter technologies are more reliable, how simple and safe the technology is and what makes microenverter easier to manage.
  • How do you put togather a pro-active plan? what support needs to be place?
  • Maximize your return on investment (ROI)
  • What step should franchisors take now in developing or redifinining their international development stratrgy to avoid common costly mistakes.
  • stratagies that will be knowledge base for installers, owners and EPCs looking to get technical insights into how microinverters operate and what are the best way to install and manage them. Get up the speed on industry innovations behind micro-inverter technologies, pick up on new market trends and installation application.
  • Learn to craft and deliver a value praposition to sell micro-inverters.

 Who should attend

 Individuals looking to expand their Distribution network   Supply chain management teams
 CEOs / CXOs / CMOs / & key decision makers  Global brands looking for India market entry
 Top leaderships of big renewable enterprises  Technology service provider
 Renewable industry startup founders  Government officials & policy makers
 VCs & PE other financials Institutations  Project developers and EPC contarctors
 Supply chain management teams  System Integraters
 Global brands looking for India market entry  Banks, VCs, IPPs & Investers
 Technology service provider  Architects and Consultants
 Government officials & policy makers  Facility Managers
 Project developers and EPC contarctors  

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