Solar Training by GSES, Australia

Low performance and poor operational conditions are one of the biggest issues of Solar PV power projects worldwide. A large number of PV systems are under- performing due to poor site selection, system design faults, frequent equipment failure, low solar irradiation access, unplanned grid failure or equipment mismatching. Some of these issues are external and often not in hands of system designer but most of them occur because of poor design practices, inadequate installation planning or incomplete understanding. To fill the operational gaps present, GSES – Global Sustainable Energy Solutions conducted a training programme on the below given subjects.

Key subjects:

1. Grid Connected PV systems with Battery Storage

Key Discussion points:

  • Advantages of Grid Connected PV systems with Battery Storage
  • Various configurations in Grid Connected PV systems with Battery Storage
  • Sizing of PV Arrays and Battery Storage
  • Sizing and selecting Inverters

2. Design and maintenance of Grid connected Rooftop PV systems

Key Discussion points:

  • Optimizing design based on site parameters
  • System protection and safety
  • Operation and Maintenance

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